Iveta Jebáčková-Lažanská

Iveta Jebáčková-Lažanská has been a part of the horse world for 40 years. She grew up learning how to manage the general care and training of horses in a time when most horses still spent much of the day locked in stalls. As her knowledge of horses grew, so did her thoughts about the possibility of creating stable areas where horses could function almost entirely on their own, without constant manipulation by people. Finally, she reached a place in life where she and her husband could slowly start to build a farm facility of their own—one in which the gate to free movement was wide open—and she never looked back. Jebáčková-Lažanská now chronicles her experiences with keeping horses outdoors in regular articles on the popular Czech equestrian site EQUICHANNEL.cz, as well as print magazines, and writes horse-related fiction for young readers.