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"I love reading equestrian books because they give me a better awareness
and understanding of good horsemanship and proper horse care."
— Marian Ehlers, Founder of S'MORE'S CODE, Advocate for Equine Biosecurity
"Four ways to learn about horses:
Watch it. Hear it. Ride it. Read it. Use all four if you can, but of the four, the most
readily available is reading."
— Denny Emerson, USEA Hall-of-Fame Inductee
"If there is anything that I have learned in my life with horses, it is that one never knows enough. This is a lifelong
pursuit of information."
— Julie Ulrich, Show Jumping Coach and Trainer
"History. Wisdom. Stories. Skills. Thoughtfulness. Mindfulness. Science. Dressage, eventing, jumping, horsemanship. Fact-checked. The best of the best. There is no greater bang for your buck than a book."
— Tik Maynard, International Eventer and Horsemanship Clinician
"It was my father’s wish to keep the books he wrote updated and in print. As a role model, I also want to give something back to the industry and use the knowledge I gain every day for the welfare of horses.
I can do this through books."
— Ingrid Klimke, German Olympian
"I am constantly reading and educating myself on everything about horses. The more I am able to understand them the better
I can take care of them and build a
stronger connection."
— Gabriela Reutter, Professional Show Jumper
"My favorite holiday barn gift to give?
Horse books. Learning doesn’t happen only in the tack and shouldn’t end when
the ride does!"
— Sarah O'Neill, Sarah O'Neill Dressage
“You have to mount up often,
without letting the books get dusty!”
— Nuno Oliveira, Renowned Portuguese Equestrian
"When the books have been read and reread, it boils down to the horse,
his human companion, and what
goes on between them.”
— Walter Farley, Author of the The Black Stallion Series
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