Do you have a tack shop or specialty retail store? Would you like to offer customers a selection of quality equestrian books that are easy to merchandise and proven sellers in the marketplace? Here's what some of our top tack shop resellers say about carrying Trafalgar Square Books in their stores:


“I Love My Horse Equestrian Boutique loves having a vast collection of books from Trafalgar Square. It has been a huge asset to our store! The variety of books spans from western dressage to message techniques, to designing jump courses! It makes quite the display. Customers love coming in to see what new titles we have in to add to their collection! There is something incredibly satisfying about picking up a physical book and flipping through its pages. Customers really enjoy this quiet moment of connecting with a book. As the manager, I have read most of the titles and it gives me a chance to chat with our customers about the books and connect with them in a different way.”

—Melissa Burdette, Manager, I Love My Horse Boutique


"For many years we stopped carrying books, (when Kindles first came out!), then a few years ago Martha Cook visited our store and convinced us to try books again. We are so glad we did! We sell a lot of equine books again, especially with our new book display that Trafalgar sent to us."

—Julie Jessee, Store Manager, Tack Shack of Ocala

“In a fast-paced world fueled by technology, much of our time is spent looking at a screen. At The Cheshire Horse, our customers value sitting down and diving into a great book, whether being transported into the world of fiction or expanding their knowledge by learning from a trusted equestrian. As avid readers, books have been and always will be a focal point of our brick-and-mortar and online stores!”

—Sarah Stigliano, Director of Marketing, The Cheshire Horse


“At Strafford Saddlery, we always have a good selection of books from Trafalgar Square. Our customers enjoy seeing the variety of topics offered. From training and behavior to personal stories to humor, there is something for everyone. We feel that stocking Trafalgar Square Books is an important piece of our product mix, supplementing the saddles, tack, apparel, and stable supplies we carry.”

—Lisa Morrison, Manager, Strafford Saddlery

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