I’m a fan in another country. Can I order from your website outside North America? 
Sorry, we do not ship print books outside North America. See links to our distributors in the UK and Australia here and try searching the title online in your region for other possible sellers. Or, you can choose one of our eBooks, which travel internationally!

I have a great idea for a horse book. Can I send you a book proposal? 
Yes. See our submission guidelines here. 

I prefer to shop brick-and-mortar. Do you have a retail location? 
No, but look for our books at your local tack shop, event vendor, or bookstore. If you do not see our books there, ask the store or vendor to carry them!

The book I really want to read is no longer available in print. Can I still buy a copy? 
Sometimes certain books become hard to find in print or are unavailable from resellers. We convert all our titles to eBooks, and they never go out of print. Search by title or author on this site to find our current eBook selections. 

I cannot find a book on the horse-related subject I’d like to explore. Can I contact you with suggestions for book topics and authors? 
Yes, email us at contact@trafalgarbooks.com. We’d love to know what you think is missing in the equestrian book lexicon or if you know someone who has an important skill or story to share with horse lovers. 

I have a few questions I’m hoping one of your authors can answer. How can I be in touch? 
We suggest you visit our authors’ websites or social media pages for contact information. If you can’t find a website or social media contact for an author, email us at contact@trafalgarbooks.com, and we will help you make contact.  

You publish a lot of books each year. Are you a large company or part of a corporate entity? 
TSB is a very small business (only 5 employees, all women!) and it is independently owned.

“Horse books” is such a specialized niche…why is it your area of specialty? 
TSB’s publisher, Caroline Robbins, grew up with horses in her life, as did the Managing Director, Martha Cook, and Managing Editor Rebecca Didier. We are horse lovers and horseback riders, who appreciate all breeds and disciplines, and who believe in the power of a good book to help improve the lives of horses and the people who ride, train, and care for them.

I see you also publish some books on dogs, crafts, and nature. What do those topics have to do with horses?  
We publish a few select dog books because horse people are often dog people (we love dogs, too!), and we have a few authors who provide training and bodywork for dogs as well as horses. Our craft books are primarily highly specialized translated works that were published in support of books we distributed for UK publishers for many years. (We are no longer publishing new craft titles.) Our award-winning nature title NATURALLY CURIOUS, is by a local Vermont naturalist named Mary Holland, and we published her book because of interest in and our high regard for her weekly columns in a local newspaper.

Where does the name Trafalgar Square come from?  
The company’s Publisher, Caroline Robbins, is British, and she and her husband, Theodore Robbins, were married in Trafalgar Square, London. The farm where our offices and warehouses are located is named Trafalgar Square Farm in memory of that happy event.

Why is there a different company called Trafalgar Square Publishing based in Chicago? 
IPG, a distribution company based in Chicago, purchased the UK-publisher distribution business that once coexisted with the equestrian publishing program, and in doing so, acquired our distribution arm’s original name, which was Trafalgar Square Publishing. Our book publishing business remained in Vermont, producing horse books, under the name Trafalgar Square Books.

What is one interesting fact about each of the owners of TSB?  
Caroline and Theodore Robbins raise prize-winning Scottish Highland Cattle on the Vermont farm where the TSB offices and warehouse are located. 

Martha Cook currently owns, rides, and drives two Morgans, and in fact, her very first horse of her own when she was a little girl was a Morgan. (Consistency!).

Rebecca Didier has two motorcycles, which she mostly pretends are really fast horses that eat very little and never need shoes.