TSB author Christian Schacht is a veterinarian; German riding, breeding, and management “master”; licensed dressage, eventing, and international show jumping judge; and Breeding Director of the International Sporthorse Registry (ISR) Oldenburg North America. In addition, he teaches equine science at Virginia Tech and finds time to give educational seminars as part of the fascinating “Dressage Cruise” experience. (Dr. Schacht was featured on the 2012 Dressage Cruise, and will be back by popular demand for the 2013 “Seminars at Sea”—CLICK HERE form more information.)

We are excited to announce the publication of his new book, SPORT HORSE CONFORMATION, available now from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

In SPORT HORSE CONFORMATION you’ll have a chance to:

• Discover the Equine Conformation System (ECS).

• Study the physical ideal and geometrical factors for determining the horse’s athletic potential.

• Understand the modern demands on today’s dressage, jumping, and event horses.

• Consider the importance of the horse’s center of gravity on his ability to perform.

• Examine the horse’s gaits and movement.

• Journey through the horse’s body, from the front end, through the trunk, to the hind end.

• Gain a respect for the balance between the horse’s character and temperament, and his physical qualities.

Over 170 color photos and superior diagrams illustrate Dr. Schacht’s methods for evaluating dressage, jumping, and eventing prospects based on recognizing proportions and lines. His techniques, already widely accepted in international professional circles, can help amateurs and professionals alike in choosing the right horse, as well as training and riding him for optimal performance.