Take a look at what TSB is rolling out right off the bat in 2011! (And this is JUST the beginning!)

The hit book THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE is now available as a fabulous 4-DISK DVD SET! By popular demand, professional trainer Sean Patrick has provided the perfect educational tool to complement his gimmick-free, do it yourself “Countdown” to training the all-around riding horse.

What’s this “Countdown to Broke” all about? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with your checking account (although doesn’t it seem like horses ALWAYS have something to do with your checking account?) It is a series of basic exercises that prepare your horse for advanced work in any number of equestrian disciplines. You start at Lesson 33 and count your way down through the primary building blocks every horse needs, and when you get to Lesson 1, you’ve done it! You’ll be self-sufficient and ready to take your horse to the next step, whether along the rail, down the trail or in the show pen.

On these four superbly produced DVDs you can follow along as Sean takes a horse through each step of the Countdown and see for yourself how effective and efficient his program is. They’re intended to be an ideal companion to the best-selling book, forming the perfect DIY training package.

The set of 4 DVDs include:

  • DVD1: Lessons 33-29 (98 mins.)
  • DVD2: Lessons 28-17 (111 mins.)
  • DVD3: Lessons 16-11 (90 mins.)
  • DVD4: Lessons 10-1 (114 mins.)

We’ve also released the brand new book from gaited horse expert Brenda Imus: THE GAITED HORSE BIBLE. Yes folks, this book is THE WORD on buying, training, and riding naturally gaited horses using humane technqiues. Gaited horses have steadily gained mainstream popularity as pleasure or trail mounts, in addition to their traditional status as top-notch show-ring competitors. While generations of careful breeding have instilled a natural ability to “gait” in certain breeds, the “smooth saddle gaits” are not necessarily automatic. This means that riders, whether exploring the backcountry or vying for a championship ribbon, need to train their gaited horse to be able to perform, and then school him to perform well, consistently, and without doing damage to his body.

“The best person to develop your gaited horse’s smooth saddle gaits is you!” writes Brenda. “You need to learn only a few basic principles to develop and maintain your horse’s gaits. As you do, you will build an important relationship with him (as well as saving trainer’s fees). It’s a ‘win-win’ situation all the way around.”

Speaking of win-win situations, there’s nothing like training your horse tricks to give you both a little sparkle when winter gets dreary. They’re fun for you, fun for your horse, and fun for friends and barnmates you share them with. You don’t need a large area to work in for many tricks, so it can be something you work on when the trail is too icy, snowy, or muddy to travel, or when you’re bored with the indoor and just want to hang out with your horse for a while in his stall. It’s been a while since a new book came along teaching you the how behind many popular tricks, so we’re excited about TRICK TRAINING FOR HORSES by Bea Borelle (little known fact: Bea is married to dressage classicist Philippe Karl!)

And what does a dressage rider think of trick training?

“Using Bea’s methods you can rediscover some of the ‘magic’ of your childhood and how it can change the way you work with horses,” says Philippe. “Trick training is one of the best ways to make your horse your friend.”

Here’s to being your horse’s BEST FRIEND in 2011!