Hal Walter, world champion pack-burro racer and author of  Wild Burro Tales: 30 Years of Haulin’ Ass, says the 2010 TSB release DONKEYS: MINIATURE, STANDARD, AND MAMMOTH–A VETERINARY GUIDE FOR OWNERS AND BREEDERS  by Dr. Stephen Purdy “is a handy reference for donkey owners and also should be on the shelves of veterinarians who treat these animals.” Walter goes on to say that over his many years working with donkeys and their kin, he has noticed that they are often treated as if they are horses–which they are not. This is an important distinction made by Dr. Purdy in his book, and for all of us out there with donkeys–whether companion animals, pets, or competitive livestock–a good reminder on how to manage them best and provide them appropriate veterinary treatment.

 “Dr. Purdy has given us something the donkey world has been lacking,” writes Hal Walter, “a sound guide for owners and veterinarians in caring for these wonderful and in many cases, hardworking, animals.”

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