If you haven’t heard, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi adopted two Miniature Horses a few weeks ago. Lucky them!

I had two Minis as part of my horse herd when I was a teenager, and they never ceased keeping us laughing with their antics. One, “Tom Thumb,” mastered the art of “rubbing out” a rail of split rail fence. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself tromping through the woods on the trail of the four or five horses he’d loosed onto our unsuspecting neighbors’ land.

Minis can be such a fun addition to your barn, and at TSB we want to help more people enjoy these pint-size packages of horsey goodness. The new book MINI SCHOOL gives great step-by-step advice for training Minis, whether for competition or just for fun, and MINIATURE HORSES is the veterinary guide every Mini owner or breeder needs on-hand, both for regular care and emergencies.

It looks as though Ellen and Portia’s pair of Minis are as mischievous as mine were. One troublemaker is named (appropriately) “Tricky,” and just look at how he introduced himself to Ellen’s brother, Vance (Vance, you have our sympathies!):