In October TSB will publish the first two books in a new fiction series for young horse lovers: CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED. Author Linda Snow McLoon manages to accurately and authentically tap the time-tested theme of a horse-crazy young girl named Sarah who finally gets the horse of her dreams—in this case, an unruly off-the-track Thoroughbred bought for a dollar. Facing jealous rivalries and the challenges of managing the retraining of such a horse, Sarah must rely on her faith in her horse’s character and her belief in her ability to make him great in order to find a way to keep him.

“Get ready to fall in love with the story of Crown Prince and Sarah,” says Elizabeth Letts, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Eighty Dollar Champion. “Chock-a-block with accurate equestrian details, well-paced, and full of heart, the story of Sarah and her off-the-track one-dollar purchase is the story of how hard-work, determination and love for horses can make any young rider’s dream come true.”

As Elizabeth knows and has shown in her own wonderful book The Eighty Dollar Champion, the value of a good horse knows no price, and the dream of finding the right equine partner knows no age limit. Regardless of discipline or breed, and whether or not you compete at the top of your equestrian sport or not at all, we are surrounded by comeback stories, horse bought for a song who utlimately went the distance, and the “accidental champions” who may have defied the odds to excel in some way or simply capture our hearts.

Author Elizabeth Letts invites us to share our best horse stories on her blog.

Elizabeth Letts has invited us to share our own “Eighty-Dollar Champion” stories on her blog. She writes:

“You don’t need to win blue ribbons to be a champion. The Next Eighty-Dollar Champion honors every horse who came from humble beginnings or has had a second or third or fourth career. We also honor every man, woman and child who has refused to give up on a horse. We want to hear the story of your Eighty-Dollar Champion! Tell us a little bit about your horse — how you got your horse, what his/her life was like before coming to live with you and your proudest accomplishment as a team. Email me your story (put Blog Entry in the subject line) and one or two photos and we’ll get it posted as soon as possible.”

CLICK HERE to visit Elizabeth’s blog and share your story with the world.

You can preorder CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.