Patrick and Vicki Lau discovered Dr. Nancy Kay’s book SPEAKING FOR SPOT in the office of Dr. Julianna Cyman, where they sat–week after week–waiting while Max, their five-year-old Newfoundland, received chemo for lymphoma.

Patrick and Vicki Lau's beloved Newfie, Max

Each visit they would read a little more and after several months, Patrick asked Vicki to buy him the book for Christmas. Vicki purchased the book from Trafalgar Square’s online retail site, and was automatically entered to win an hour phone consultation with Dr. Kay.

“I never realized we might win a contest!” says Vicki. “So when I received the email saying we had won the hour visit with Dr Kay, I almost deleted it thinking it was some sort of spam! Luckily, I reread it and realized that we had won. We had lost Max on Christmas Eve and it seemed that in some small way, winning the contest was Max giving us something as a last gift.  It certainly came at a time when we needed something positive to look forward to.

“Patrick and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Dr. Kay and found it very informative. As we have another Newfie (named Boston), we had lots of questions. There are so many things we learned during the discussion. For example, one of the most important was Dr. Kay’s advice for us to check on the recommendations by the American College for Veterinary Dentistry for cleaning our dogs’ teeth. We thought that it was in their best interest to have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year and this may not be the case.

Max and Boston

“We were so excited as a family to adopt Max. He flew from Buffalo, New York, to Seattle, Washington, and out he came from the crate looking for who might be there for him…from that minute on, Newfies were our kind of dog! We were lucky enough to adopt Max’s half-sister (Boston) a year later. They were just the best of buddies. It has been a tough four months for Boston being an ‘only’ dog. We hope to add a new member to the family this summer some time.

Boston watching over Max when he was sick.

“Dr. Kay really helped us make some sense of lymphoma and how quickly the disease spreads in a dog. It was just very reassuring to talk things over with her and know that we were getting such sound and thoughtful advice.”

Congratulations to Patrick and Vicki Lau–we hope the summer brings them the “Newfie” family member they hope for! You can find out more about Dr. Nancy Kay and her award-winning book SPEAKING FOR SPOT on her web site, or order your own copy now at and get FREE SHIPPING.