Find out with a FREE ANALYSIS of your herd or your own interactions with your horse at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts, November 11 or 12, 2023! This is a unique opportunity to sit down with Sharon Wilsie, founder of Horse Speak®, and watch and learn as she breaks down and explains the language of horses and how we can better “hear” what they are saying and “talk back.”

SIGN UP HERE for your FREE 15-minute consultation ($100 value) on Saturday, November 11, or Sunday, November 12, and submit your short video (no longer than three minutes) of your horse with other horses, or your horse with you. Then come to the Trafalgar Square Books booth 840-841 in the Better Living Center at a pre-assigned time between noon and 4:00 pm for an eye-and-mind-opening learning experience as you view the video together with Sharon Wilsie and Laura Wilsie. You will talk through the body language and behaviors that horses use to communicate with us on a daily basis and see how even ordinary, everyday interactions are important and meaningful.

Horse Speak® is not a training method and is not intended to replace the training techniques you may already use. It is a way to understand horses from their perspective and use gestures, postures, and signals to have “conversations” with them. It is a means of learning the language of all horses so that you can better understand them and enhance your time together, whatever your equestrian interests or goals. It is a way to make horses’ lives happier and healthier, and your experiences with them more successful and fulfilling.


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