Hey horse fans! It’s time to hear about your favorite riders, trainers, and horses–what they’re doing with their days, nights, and hours in (and under) saddle–with the regularity and insight only an insider can offer! Trafalgar Square Books (www.horseandriderbooks.com) is pleased to offer you day-to-day and week-to-week close-ups on the books and DVDs in our world-famous “stable” and the authors who’ve written and created them. We’ll have updates on shows, clinics, expos, demos, and tours (not to mention behind-the-scenes glances at the making of books and DVDs). We’ll get special stories you can’t read about anywhere else. We’ll find tips and tidbits from the professionals that you haven’t seen before. And, we’ll have featured appearances by our famous authors, offering you a chance to hear what they think about a variety of topics, as well as news and updates on what they’re up to now and where they’re headed next. Stay tuned, horse fans–it’s gonna be a great ride!

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