TSB joins The Homes for Horses Coalition in helping a local equine rescue on Make A Difference Day.
TSB joins The Homes for Horses Coalition in helping a local equine rescue on Make A Difference Day.


The Homes for Horses Coalition, representing over 300 equine rescues and sanctuaries across the United States, is urging anyone with an interest in horses to volunteer at a local horse rescue facility during the 25th annual Make A Difference Day, the nation’s largest day of community service.

Initiated in 1990, Make A Difference Day encourages Americans to devote time and talent to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community, and millions of citizens participate in community improvement projects of almost every sort including building, painting, repairing, and clean-up.

“Rescues strive daily to effect positive change for at-risk equines in their communities, and they are so often in need of help with short-term labor intensive projects,” says Cindy Gendron, the Coordinator of the Homes for Horses Coalition.  “A committed group working hard for one day can make a huge difference by completing necessary tasks, such as fence repair, building shelters to protect horses from the elements or putting up hay for the winter.”

You can also provide invaluable help by checking out a rescue group’s wish list, shopping for needed items, or making a monetary donation as Trafalgar Square Books is doing for our local Vermont rescue The Hooved Animal Sanctuary (www.hooved.org).

“We are always in need financial help and have several new animals in need of vet and farrier work,” says Deborah Deschamps Baker of the Hooved Animal Sanctuary in Chelsea, Vermont. “Most of our local rescues are full to capacity. I am  receiving 4 to 5 calls weekly from people wanting to give us their horses along with 2 to 3 calls a week with abuse complaints. The Hooved Animal Sanctuary’s Humane Agents investigate all large animal complaints for Orange County and assist other counties when needed. All the daily care and work at the Sanctuary is done with the help of volunteers. Our Humane Agents are also trained volunteers. All donations go to the feed and care of the horses.”

You can make a donation to The Hooved Animal Sanctuary, or volunteer to help, by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

To find horse rescue in your area, visit the Homes for Horses Coalition website (www.homesforhorses.org) and click on the member page, where you will find contact information for rescues listed by state.

Help a horse…horses help us in so many ways.