We’ve all heard of dog agility, and many of us have even tried it (horse people are so often dog people, too). Speaking from experience, it’s not only great fun for the dog and the handler, but it is a hoot for the spectators–both exciting and, at times, comical.

It seems it was only a matter of time before someone “got smart” and turned the groundwork and liberty work most of us now recognize as good for our horses into a proper sport of its own, with organized judging and competition. The result is the Federation of International Horse Agility Clubs, founded by TSB author Vanessa Bee. We’re publishing her book THE HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK, which will serve as a proper introduction to training and competing, later this year. Check our SNEAK PEEKS in the months to come for chances to pre-order your copy and updates for when the book will be available.

Horse Agility Club USA is getting off the ground, and you’ll want to be in on the fun as this new craze sweeps the horse world. Check the Horse Agility Club Web site for play dates in your area, or get together with some friends and organize one! We’ll keep you updated here at TSB as we know more.

Until then, check out the fun that lies ahead for YOU and YOUR horse!