“Last year’s Derby split into two herds and was a cleanly run race,” says TSB author Kerry Thomas in the KENTUCKY CONFIDENTIAL article, out this morning. “Animal Kingdom dominated from a herd dynamic standpoint. With so many high-level horses in this [2012] field, I would expect to see a lot more battles for space in this year’s edition.”

Kerry, author of the just released book HORSE PROFILING: THE SECRET TO MOTIVATING EQUINE ATHLETES, has offered his unique viewpoint as regards each of the horses slated to run in next Saturday’s Derby. Using his Thomas Herding Technique, a method of profiling performance horses developed from his own early research studying wild horse herds in Wyoming, Kerry studies the way horses react to multiple stimuli while in motion, in addition to other factors, and uses this information to determine whether the horse is well suited to perform optimally in a specific sport and/or a particular event—in this case, one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.

Check out Kerry’s profiles of this year’s Derby contenders by clicking HERE.

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