Many of you are already familiar with Linda Tellington-Jones’ groundbreaking methods of horse training and bodywork (TTEAM and TTouch). For four decades, Linda has worked tirelessly to improve communication between humans and horses (and humans and other animals, too) around the world. She has written many books, including The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book (check it out here). Now you can see her methods demonstrated on horses, dogs, cats, and humans on her YouTube channel. Watching these interesting short videos not only helps you understand the ways in which TTouch can help animals with behavioral and training issues, it also improves your own ability to use the techniques at home or in the barn. Definitely a great addition to Linda’s network of information and methods of disseminating free educational materials! Don’t miss Linda when she’s teaching a workshop in your area–she has a full schedule of appearances coming up in 2010.