In the October 2011 issue of DRESSAGE TODAY, book reviewer Mary Daniels has this to say about the book LORENZO: THE FLYING FRENCHMAN

“I know a lot more Lorenzo lore after gobbling up sentence after sentence in this book, staring at the mesmerizing photos again and again, trying to figure it out. I’d even—given the opportunity—pass up Brad Pitt to meet Lorenzo. This is because he is an original, unlike anyone else on this planet, and I think what he does with horses shows us there is more we have yet to learn about horse training than there is in our present philosophy.”

We admit, Lorenzo is surrounded by a kind of mystique that no longer exists in the realm of Brad Pitt, his family (and now his horses!) You can’t help but wonder how he became who he is…and how horses ever figured into it. It may not have all the answers, but LORENZO: THE FLYING FRENCHMAN does offer a history of Lorenzo’s early development as a horseman, and allows readers an opportunity to track him from daring young man to the superstar stunt rider and liberty trainer we know today.

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…or Lorenzo????
If you had a chance, would you pick Brad Pitt….