While driving to work one morning, I listened as NPR journalist Steve Inskeep highlighted a young activist named Ellie Lively who had just been elected New Hampshire Kid Governor for 2024 on a platform focused on ending animal abuse in her state and beyond. 

All the usual morning-commute worries and busy-mind acrobatics faded and ceased as I just felt the optimism that learning of others' efforts to improve our world can inspire. And being a New Hampshire resident, I felt pride that we had youth motivated to work to make our world a better place for the animals that bring so much value to our lives, a cause that has been central to my own career publishing books "for the good of the horse" at Trafalgar Square Books in North Pomfret, Vermont.

The New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® program is a national civics program led by NH Civics in partnership with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and created by the Connecticut Democracy Center (CTDC). According to NH Kid Governor Project Manager Jo Ann Robichaud, fifth-grade students learn about state government, elections, voting, and civic participation through a real-life election, as well as researching community issues they care about. Ellie Lively's election-winning three-point platform included:   

  1. Creating an Awareness Campaign for animal abuse
  2. Conducting donation drives for animal shelters. 
  3. Creating a plan for students and adults to volunteer to help animals.

Ellie was kind enough to chat with me about the work she is doing this year, explaining a little about what motivates her. She has her own dog, Goose, who she loves. But her belief in the power of youth action is what really carries her forward. 

"Kids can make a  difference," says Ellie. "I am only 10 years old and I am trying my best to help animals. I believe anyone can make a difference if they try and work together. I encourage all to put their best effort into their work. If you don't speak up for what you feel passionate about you will regret it someday...if you try, you will always end up helping in some way."

"I believe all animals should be loved and cared for and I want to help make a positive difference in the lives of as many animals as I can.... In the United States, every minute an animal suffers from abuse. Some reasons people might abuse animals are they don’t know how to take care of an animal, other people don’t consider animals as living creatures, and sadly some even find hurting animals entertaining.... So, I will make videos to share with people in New Hampshire about how they can help stop animal abuse and how to properly care for their pets. Also as part of my Awareness Campaign, I will run a blog on the New Hampshire’s Kid Governor website, which will include the contact information of the closest shelter if anyone needs help caring for their animals, and list ways people can help stop animal abuse."

One of the many ways Ellie is helping animals in the Northeast is by volunteering at local animal shelters--and as book publishers, we at TSB of course love that she reads to the animals there! And what does Ellie think we can do to contribute to her efforts, in New England and across the country?

"Rescue an animal," Ellie urges. "There are all types of animals out there that need a good home: cats, dogs, bunnies, lizards, horses, fish, turtles….  Also if you see animal abuse, you should report it to local law enforcement officials."

You can also donate to one of the New Hampshire animal rescue organization that Ellie is including in her campaign:

Humane Society of Greater Nashua
Animal Rescue League of NH
Monadnock Humane Society
New Hampshire Humane Society
Conway Area Humane Society
Above The Notch Humane Society


Trafalgar Square Books is proud to publish a middle grade novel that highlights the importance of animal rescue: LIBERTY BISCUIT by Melanie Sue Bowles tells the story of Kip Baker and the donkey and two horses she saves with the help of her family. 

"The book LIBERTY BISCUIT by Melanie Sue Bowles is a great read," says Ellie. "The story teaches about how animals are getting abused and why it is important that we work to help them. Even though it is fiction, it teaches the lessons of loving and caring for animals just as well."


If you would like to learn more about Ellie Lively, the 2024 New Hampshire Kid Governor, and her efforts to decrease animal abuse, CLICK HERE.

- Rebecca Didier, Managing Editor, TSB

Trafalgar Square Books, the authority in equestrian publishing, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.