Here at TSB, we are great fans of Dr. Joyce Harman’s books and DVDs on English and Western saddle-fit. We feel that more conscientious attention to saddle fitting by all riders, regardless of riding level or discipline, would ensure happier, healthier, better performing horses the world over.

So we are especially thrilled to see the new review of Dr. Harman’s first book THE HORSE’S PAIN-FREE BACK AND SADDLE-FIT BOOK in the September 2012 issue of Horse Journal. Check out this excerpt from the review:

“Some books are classics that should be on every rider’s book shelf. This book is one of them…Like George Morris’s classic Hunter Seat Equitation for hunter/jumper riders, Dr. Harman’s book is the Bible for saddle fit.”

You can read the entire review in the September 2012 issue of Horse Journal, and you can order THE HORSE’S PAIN-FREE BACK AND SADDLE-FIT BOOK, as well as Dr. Harman’s other saddle-fitting book and DVDs, at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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