YOU AND YOUR HORSE can become world champions in Horse Agility! YOU AND YOUR HORSE can compete for your country to win medals and fabulous prizes and competitions for every level!

The International Horse Agility Club presents the 2012 Summer of Sport Challenge via the IHAC’s popular online video competition, allowing horses and handlers from around the globe to compete against each other…without leaving home!

Here’s how the competition works:

In June and July 2012 the IHAC is giving you the opportunity to compete against other teams from around the world for a chance to represent your country in the Horse Agility Summer of Sport World Championship Finals held in July. June 2012 is a qualifying month in which ten qualifying classes can be entered by competitors. The two highest scoring teams (combinations of horse and handler) from each country, in each class, will qualify for the Finals in July.

THERE’S STILL TIME TO ENTER! Sign up at the IHAC website before June 25 to be eligible for the Horse Agility Summer of Sport Challenge Finals and great prizes!

CLICK HERE for more information.

The International Horse Agility Club was founded by TSB author Vanessa Bee whose HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK was released earlier this year and became an instant hit. Horse people everywhere have long wanted an equestrian sport that provides a social and competitive atmosphere, while not requiring riding. Horse Agility, the industry’s newest sport, gives horses and handlers a wonderful way to spend constructive time together, in the arena and out.

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