World-famous trainer Lynn Palm will hit eight states this year with her Ride Well Clinic Tour. These clinics, limited to only 15 riders per location to ensure each participant receives individual attention, provides riders and spectators with a valuable framework for training their horses. Lynn’s training techniques are based on sound, proven dressage principle techniques that have been used to train horses in all different disciplines. There are no gimmicks, no quick fixes and no tricks, just solid horsemanship skills that will give you the confidence to handle any situation. For more information about the clinic stop near you, visit

If you haven’t heard already, Lynn is set to appear at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in September–the first time the event has been held on US soil. She plans to present Bridleless Musical Exhibitions on Rugged Painted Lark. Click here to see her conversation with another Trafalgar Square author, Jane Savoie, about their preparations for WEG.

Lynn’s new book on achieving collection the fair and correct way with ANY horse is due out from Trafalgar Square this summer. Watch for it at