The London Book Fair–this year running from April 11-13–is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film, and digital channels.It takes place every spring in the world’s premier publishing capital, London, England, and Trafalgar Square Books always attends with the intent to promote its “stable” of top equestrian authors to foreign publishers from around the globe. (TSB also attends the Frankfurt Book Fair, held in the fall in Frankfurt, Germany, every year.)

We take great pride in the books we publish at TSB, and think our authors share the best horse-related material in the most innovative ways, which means maybe equestrians in other countries would benefit from having the books available in their native languages. Many of our books are available in multiple languages and in dozens of countries–for example, CENTERED RIDING by Sally Swift has been translated into 15 different languages and has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide.

Rights sales such as these are made possible by sending a TSB representative to the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs, where we can engage other publishers in person and encourage them to check out our authors, even before their books are published in English.

International book fairs also give us the opportunity to peruse what riders and trainers in other countries are doing, and often we find a terrific book that we know would benefit English-speaking equestrians. In these cases, we arrange for translation of the work, and publish it under the TSB imprint. Bestsellers of books originally published in another language include TUG OF WAR by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and DRESSAGE SCHOOL by Britta Schoeffmann.

We look forward to continuing to be part of the effort to share the very best in horse-related books and DVDs worldwide!