Wow! It just doesn’t get any better than Clinton-Cam, online, anytime. As ever ready to roll with the newest trends in media in order to keep his fans and followers up-to-date with solid, horse training information, Clinton Anderson is launching his own video streaming website tomorrow, Friday, September 30, 2011, at noon CST.

The site, http://www.DownunderHorsemanship.TV (see Recommended Links on right side of page), will feature three episodes of Clinton’s hit RFD-TV show Downunder Horsemanship—the most recent installment followed by the previous two weeks’ episodes. New episodes will be uploaded to the site every Wednesday, following their premier on RFD-TV each Tuesday.

Viewers can stream the show anytime they desire at no charge. The site offers industry best streaming capabilities that sync to individual viewing devices, guaranteeing fewer interruptions and allowing viewers to easily skip ahead with minimal buffering delays. In addition, the site will eventually feature close captioning in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Downunder Horsemanship began airing on RFD-TV in 2001 and quickly became the station’s top-rated equine program. In January 2011, Clinton took his training method to Fox Sports Net, becoming the first trainer to premier on the national broadcast station that reaches 80 million viewers. Clinton sees DownunderHorsemanship.TV as another way to reach horsemen and horsewomen everywhere.

“Now, no matter where you are or what satellite package you have, you’re guaranteed access to the show,” he says.

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