Linda Tellington-Jones, author of the bestselling THE ULTIMATE HORSE BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING BOOK and the forthcoming DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL has released a fabulous TTouch app that can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad!

“I laughed when I realized that low-tech TTouch [Linda’s world-famous form of bodywork], based on simply using your hands and heart to influence your horse, is going high-tech!” says Linda. “This is such a great opportunity for people to have ‘how-to’ TTouch guidelines right in their phones, especially when faced with a horse emergency. TTouches can be extremely helpful for colic or injury situations while waiting for your veterinarian to arrive.”

The TTouch app contains short video clips of various TTouches, accompanied by Linda’s personal instructions describing how to perform the TTouches and what benefits that particular TTouch, slide, or lift provides. The text included with the app is extensive, explaining how much pressure to use, how to apply the TTouch, lift, or slide, and which TTouch is best suited for particular behavioral, postural, physical, or training issues.

There are TTouches and exercises that help with saddling issues, sore muscles, spookiness, lengthening of stride, increasing confidence, lowering pulse and respiration, overcoming resistance, alleviating pain and shock, releasing tension, reducing stumbling, calming the nervous or frightened horse — the list is extensive. “As they say in the world of technology,” says Linda, “There’s an app for that!”

The TTouch application for your iPhone can be purchased on itunes.