Author Melinda Folse shares adventure and insight with her trademark laugh-out-loud style in her new blog at

Melinda Folse, author of the bestselling book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES, is writing a new blog on!

As one among millions of women who once dreamed of horses and are now recapturing that dream, Melinda first let her own struggles to figure out the “horse thing” do the talking in her book. Now, in an exclusive blog for, Melinda shares more of her funny, touching, and insightful “Life With Horses” experiences.

“For all of us at any stage of discovering (or rediscovering!) horses, is a fantastic one-stop resource for just about anything you may want to know, in or out of the saddle,” says Melinda. “What a delight it is to get to be part of  this community — and to have such a vibrant place to share the stories and insights I run across on the Midlife Horses trail!”

Tune in to Melinda’s regular contributions to the portal by clicking HERE.

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