Sean Patrick, author of THE MODERN HORSEMAN'S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE, is a "Wild Card" Competitor at Road to the Horse
Sean Patrick, author of THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE, is a “Wild Card” Competitor at Road to the Horse

The 2013 Road to the Horse Competition kicks off this weekend in Lexington, Kentucky, celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a chance for spectators to meet past competitors, including two-time winner Clinton Anderson, author of the TSB bestselling books LESSONS WELL LEARNED and DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP.

In addition, 2013 marks the beginning of the Road to the Horse “Wild Card” competition.

The eight Wild Card contestants begin their journey at the 2013 event by choosing a horse from the 6666 Remuda. These Quarter Horses from the legendary 6666 (“Four Sixes”) Ranch in Texas are specifically bred to work and pen cattle. Wild Card competitors will take home their new equine partner, and each will have 12 months to work with his or her AQHA Remuda colt before returning for the Wild Card Competition at the next Road to the Horse in 2014.

In 2014, the Wild Card contestants will go head to head on the Friday morning of the event. Their horses will be judged as follows: 20 percent for the health and condition of the horse upon arrival, 30 percent for obstacle course performance, 40 percent for pattern work, and 10 percent for the freestyle performance. The winning Wild Card trainer will then immediately step into the final round pen and compete for the coveted 2014 Road to the Horse World Championship of Colt Starting title.

“We know there is an abundance of talent in the horsemanship world,” says Road to the Horse producer Tootie Bland. “The time has come to recognize all of the great horse trainers and present them with the opportunity to become the next world champion.”

TSB is proud and excited to announce that Sean Patrick, author of the bestselling book THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE and creator of the accompanying four-disc DVD set by the same name, is one of the eight Wild Card contestants selected by written and video application. We can’t wait to follow along as Sean brings his 6666 Remuda colt through his Countdown training program, and we wish him the best of luck in next year’s competition!

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TSB Managing Director Martha Cook and Senior Editor Rebecca Didier recently visited Sean’s training facility in New Smyrna, Florida. CLICK HERE for the story.