TSB author Wendy Murdoch was featured on the October 1 episode of The Horse Show with Rick Lamb.

In this info-intense day-and-age we’re all scrambling to find time—time for our kids, time for our partners, time for a quiet afternoon with a book (or your iPad!)…and in the case of riders, time to IMPROVE.

Whether you rely on the occasional lesson from a favorite trainer or clinician, or do most of your riding at home on your own, finding the time to really focus on areas of your riding that need improvement can be difficult and/or impossible—especially when you really just want to get on your horse and have fun (something that we don’t necessarily think goes hand-in-hand with working to improve our seat!) Wendy Murdoch’s newest book 50 5-MINUTE FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING is written with this conundrum in mind…how do we find enough time in the saddle to get better, and still leave enough time to just have fun? One of Wendy’s main goals in her teaching is to ensure riders have FUN (“safe, fun, and educational” is her mantra).

You can find out more about Wendy and her fabulous Murdoch Method by listening to the excellent interview with radio and television host Rick Lamb on a recent episode of THE HORSE SHOW (click HERE). Rick, a terrific interviewer, talks to Wendy about her recent riding safari in Africa, how she recovered from a debilitating accident and used what she learned about her body to ride better, and the work she’s done with other top TSB authors Linda Tellington-Jones and Sally Swift.

Don’t miss this great episode of THE HORSE SHOW WITH RICK LAMB. “Wendy is a really special individual,” Rick says. We here at TSB think so too!

You can buy Wendy’s 50 5-MINUTE FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING, as well as her RIDE LIKE A NATURAL DVDs, at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.