TSB author Wendy Murdoch has filled her spring/early summer clinic schedule in what is shaping up to be another VERY busy year!

Wendy, author of the bestselling book 50 5-MINUTE FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING and the DVD series SIMPLIFY YOUR RIDING: RIDE LIKE A NATURAL, holds a Master’s Degree in Equine Reproductive Physiology from the University of Kentucky (1986). Her background includes intensive study with Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of the Tellington-Method; Sally Swift, Founder of Centered Riding; Dr. Joyce Harman, holistic veterinarian and noted authority on saddle fitting; Bettina Drummond, the only authorized representative of the Nuno Oliveira School in North America; Jon Zahourek, creator of Zoologik® Equiken® Anatomy in Clay, system for learning anatomy; and Dr. Hilary Clayton, recipient of the McPhail Chair at Michigan State University to study biomechanics in dressage horses. She is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Wendy’s latest book 50 5-MINUTE FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING zoomed to the top of the equine book bestsellers list with its superbly illustrated, easy, step-by-step instructions for bettering your position in the saddle and communicating more clearly with your horse. You can order your copy of Wendy’s book and DVDs at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE!

Don’t miss Wendy if she has a clinic near you!

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from Wendy Murdoch, author of 50 5-MINUTE FIXES TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING, at a 2012 clinic near you!


Mar 2 – 4 Coming Out of Winter Dressage Clinic with Bruno Greber and Wendy Murdoch

Ashanti Farm, Gordonsville, VA

Heidi Ryder info@ashantifarm.com 540-832-0775


Mar 5 – 6 Private Lessons, Mounted Only

Morven Park Equestrian Center, Leesburg, VA

Shannon Pedlar sgp588@hotmail.com 703-431-5663


Mar 7, 14, 21 Private Feldenkrais Lessons

MStudio, Middleburg, VA

Shannon Pedlar sgp588@hotmail.com 703-431-5663


Mar 10 – 11 Open Clinic

Diamond TR Ranch, Perryville, AR,

Theresa Vogelpohl theresa@diamondtr.com 501-681-7767


Mar 27 – 29 Private Lessons, Mounted and Feldenkrais

Happily Ever After Farm, West Chester, PA

Sue Neilson susanneilson22@yahoo.com 484-356-8335


April 14 – 17 Open Clinic

Fly-A-Way Stables, Middleburg, VA

Pam Woolley pam@tteamva.com 703-622-4230


April 21 – 23 Clinic

Wellborn QH, FL

Andrea Haller andreainwellborn@yahoo.com 386-963-1555


April 28 – 29 Open Clinic

Spring Willow Farm, Mendon, MA

Lorna Palmer swhf@comcast.net 508-473-8630


May 5 – 8 Open Clinic

Colfax, IA

Brandie Gean morgunr@gmail.com 515-664-1620


May 18 – 20 Open Clinic

Joyful Noise Farm, Pryor, OK

Larry Lees L.Lees@sbcglobal.net 918-633-9288


May 25 – 28 Open Clinic

Northwest Trails, Deer Park, WA

Sally Shepard jvcougar1@msn.com -999-3796


June 2 – 4 Open Clinic

The Netherlands

Tessa Roos goodluck@xs4all.nl +31 6 10 92 33 19


June 5 – 6 Feldenkrais for Horses and Riders

The Netherlands

Tessa Roos goodluck@xs4all.nl +31 6 10 92 33 19


June 22 – 24 Retreat with Bettina Drummond and Wendy Murdoch

Windhorse International, Bethelehem, CT

Sharon Knies sknies@windhorseinternational.com 203-710-5809