Yes, you read that right! One of the fellas on the “inside” has spilled the beans in a hilarious tell-all, exposing one man’s struggles (his!) as he comes to grips with his wife’s main passion in life (not him…but horses!)

I know you’ve seen men like Menno Kalmann

The author, Menno Kalmann, helping his wife at a horse show.

—muddied, bedraggled, groggy from too little sleep or buzzing from too much coffee. There may be a characteristic green smear of horse slobber across the shirt, perhaps an errant wisp of hay clinging to the front of the jeans. Often, they are in the midst of performing one of several familiar tasks: load-bearing (hauling shavings bales, water buckets, heavy saddles); couriering (parking oversized rigs, rushing to the secretary’s office with last-minute entries, running to the store for a cold drink or snack); holding (halters, helmets, whips, coolers, brushes, boots, carrots, cell phones); or agreeing (“You’re right, the judge at C probably hates chestnut mares.” “Yes, they should definitely dismiss jackets.” “I know, I should have parked the trailer in the shade.”)

These ever-patient partners of horse-crazy women—husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers—are often introduced to “planet horse” and all its sweaty, expensive glory without knowing any better (or when they do know better, blatantly against their will). They “come along for the ride” because they love the women in their life, and well, those women love horses.

The author and his wife.

Now, with exceptional humor and touching honesty, Menno Kalmann tells of his misadventures in mucking, fencing, foaling, and showing, exposing the intricacies of his relationship with his horse-crazy wife (and her horses) along the way. Women Are from Venus and So Are Their Horses is laugh-out-loud fun for everyone—a one-of-a-kind look at the delicate balance between men, women, and horses, and a hilarious expose on what can happen when the three (very different) worlds collide.

A thank you????

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