Sgt. Rick Pelicano of the Maryland National Park Police has taken the amazing advice he offered in his international bestseller BOMBPROOF YOUR HORSE a step further! His new book BETTER THAN BOMBPROOF promises to help you train your horse–whatever his temperament and whatever his “job”–to be quiet, sane, and a superb riding partner in every situation. There’s a little bit of everything in here: groundwork, under saddle schooling, desensitization exercises, drill team work, parade work, shooting firearms from horseback (no doubt a valuable skill!), great group riding games, and an illuminating chapter on “defensive riding.” What is THAT, you ask? Well, it is self-defense in the saddle, and if you’ve ever been out on your own on a lonely mountain path, or perhaps hacked early in the morning or late at night along rural dirt roads, you’ll appreciate what Sgt. Rick shows you how to do. Everything in this book is meant to make you feel safer in the saddle…isn’t that something we ALL want??

BETTER THAN BOMBPROOF just arrived in our warehouse yesterday, so order your copy NOW.