Beds and Bedding

A Threshold Picture Guide

Mary Gordon-Watson

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A guide to the materials used for horses’ bedding, with simple instructions on how to create and maintain comfortable, clean beds for horses and ponies. Chapters include why stabled horses need bedding, stable floors and drainage, how to muck out, and the different types of bedding.
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Author: Mary Gordon-Watson

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 24

Illustrations: color illustrations

ISBN: 9781872082691

By Mary Gordon-Watson

Mary Gordon-Watson MBE is a British equestrian. She won a team gold medal in eventing at the 1972 Summer Olympics, and finished fourth in individual eventing. She became European Champion in 1969 in individual eventing, and in 1971 she was European champion in team eventing. In 1970 she became World Champion in both individual and team eventing.