Ground Games for Horses (Pre-Order)

Skills, Tests, Obstacles, and 26 Engaging In-Hand Courses

Waltraud Böhmke



Coming in August 2024

Progressive training plans and interactive programs that transform boring ring work into invigorating horse play.

More and more horse owners hope to engage their horses’ minds as much as their bodies during the time they spend together, both under saddle, and on the ground. The happy news is that the training activities we have come to know as “groundwork” not only have an important place in starting colts and schooling young horses, they can also serve to diversify the means of skill-building as any horse matures. In addition, exercise in hand can serve as an important part of reconditioning a horse after extended time off, rehabbing following illness or injury, and allowing horse and handler an alternative means of connecting and spending time together when riding can’t be, or just isn’t, part of the picture.

Using dozens of detailed color diagrams to “map out” exciting ideas for on-the-ground training courses at a variety of levels, as well as instructional photographs to demonstrate horse and rider position as they navigate specific obstacles, German Equestrian Federation (FN) accredited trainer and judge Waltraud Böhmke provides an excellent source of training inspiration in these pages. Known for her incredibly beneficial in-hand courses, Böhmke’s guidance helps readers train their horses to be well-behaved, collaborative partners. And when good behavior and teamwork are achieved, both horse and handler are more relaxed and respectful in each other’s company. With numerous opportunities to establish meaningful boundaries, which ensure your horse feels secure in your company as you come to trust and rely on each other to navigate obstacles of different kinds, the partnership between you can grow.

Inside find:

  • Dozens of “tasks,” activities, and obstacles, along with clear instructions so you can learn and practice them individually before incorporating them in a series or course.
  • Sensible suggestions for sequences of exercises to consolidate and review the individual lessons.
  • 26 complete courses for you and your horse to try on your own or with friends, providing valuable training feedback so you can adjust plans and schedules according to your horse’s progress and needs.

With expert guidance to provide the horse with positive training experiences while improving the handler’s timing and self-confidence, this book is a handy and digestible reference for anyone looking for new ways to keep their horse engaged, happy, and connected as you strive for educational growth and understanding.

Additional Information

Author: Waltraud Böhmke

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 96

Illustrations: 118 color photos, 29 color diagrams

ISBN: 9781646012237

By Waltraud Böhmke

Waltraud Böhmke is certified in Germany in horse management, riding, and breeding, is on the board at Pferdesportverband Hannover e.V., and is an FN (German Equestrian Federation) judge in both riding and driving. Her family business Stall Böhmke is based on the Elbe River in the middle of a region known for Hanoverian horse breeding. Her farm focuses on breeding and starting young stock, as well as training both horses and riders according to classical principles. She is known for her fun and innovative courses for both work on the ground and in the saddle (