Anatomy of Dressage

Required Reading for the USDF Instructor Certification Program

Heinrich Schusdziarra and Volker Schusdziarra

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Only with a working knowledge of human anatomy can a rider fully understand the instructions given for correct position in the saddle and explanations of the movements. Originally published in Germany and previously published in English as Anatomy of Riding, Anatomy of Dressage presents a clear overview of anatomy as it relates to riding, written for the layman. Working from this anatomical perspective, the authors, who in addition to being father and son are also medical doctors, discuss the individual requirements of riding theory. Many of their conclusions may be surprising to readers, such as the notion that it is physically impossible to "brace the lower back" as we are so often advised by instructors.

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Author: Heinrich Schusdziarra and Volker Schusdziarra

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 144


ISBN: 9780939481699

By Heinrich Schusdziarra and Volker Schusdziarra

Volker Schusdziarra and Heinrich Schusdziarra are both German medical doctors. Dr. Volker specializes in human nutrition.