Mustang: From Wild Horse to Riding Horse

One Trainer's Journal: Groundwork, First Rides, Obstacles, Trail Work, Liberty, Performance and More

Vivian Gabor



Follow along as one trainer and a young Mustang mare discover partnership and trust while they prepare for the Mustang Makeover in Germany. For 90 days, biologist and horsewoman Vivian Gabor recorded her experiences with Mona, the wild horse that had crossed a continent and an ocean to find a new home. Through words and wonderful color photographs, Vivian shares the ups and downs as she progresses with Mona's training, discovering new insights about horses and their true nature along the way. Informational sidebars on the science behind the process of horse training help explain Vivian's reasoning for the methods she chooses to follow when working with a Mustang. Steps for patiently and naturally introducing groundwork, liberty work, and first rides are vividly illustrated. But it is the resulting friendship between woman and horse that most resonates, providing all readers an opportunity to imagine what it might be like to train a Mustang of their own.

Additional Information

Author: Vivian Gabor

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 160

Illustrations: 207 color photos

ISBN: 9781570769740

By Vivian Gabor

Vivian Gabor is a biologist with a masters degree in Equine Science and her doctorate in Livestock Ethology. She is a certified Western Riding coach with a background in classical riding and offers individualized behavioral analysis and training, as well as educational seminars that strive to align current scientific knowledge of the horse with positive handling, riding, and training practices.

Cowgirl Magazine Says:

“Gabor’s experiences training Mona come alive in the
wonderful color photos that accompany every facet of the training process.”