My Horse, My Friend

Hands-On TTouch® Training for Kids

Bibi Degn



Horse-loving kids will master essential skills for engaging with horses while also discovering the exhilaration and excitement of horse companionship. An emphasis on interacting with horses in a kind and gentle manner instills an important life lesson and promises years of fulfilling relationships with animals of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. (Ages 6–10)

Additional Information

Author: Bibi Degn

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 32

Illustrations: 64 color photos

ISBN: 9781570764806

By Bibi Degn

TTEAM and TTouch Instructor Bibi Degn was awarded the Tellington TTouch Instructor level for dogs and horses in 2002. Bibi’s unique contribution has been the creation and development of the “Angie’s” program (Tellington Method for children and youth). Her special interests include teaching the “Angie” courses and spreading the Tellington Method as a therapeutic and educational system for youth. She is also interested in the importance of the work under saddle in the training to become a TTEAM practitioner. Elements from Connected Riding and many years of close work with Peggy Cummings have contributed to it.

Bibi was born and raised in Austria. Her involvement with and dedication to animals began early on. Colonel Neufellner was her riding instructor in her childhood. Bibi earned the Bronze Reitabzeichen at the State Stallion Stable Paura. She participated at western trainings with Jean Claude Dysli. Her other accomplishments in the equine world include: she is a trail ride leader; she participated actively and successfully at several fox hunts, cross country and long distance races; she won and placed second at several long distance races both on the national and international levels.

Horse & Rider Magazine Says:

"This colorful and eye-catching little book gives great insight to kids of all ages.”