Amanda Goble

Amanda Goble received a BS in Wildlife Biology from Lees-McRae College and holds IATCB certification as a Certified Professional Animal Trainer (CPAT-KA) and Certified Professional Bird Trainer (CPBT-KA). As a zookeeper, she specialized in animal behavior and welfare. An accomplished animal trainer, Goble has a love for the science of behavioral enrichment, and has cared for and enriched the lives of animals of many species, from eagles to ants, while working in public zoological facilities and wildlife rescues. Using positive reinforcement and force-free techniques, she has taught animals how to both “wow” audiences and participate in their own veterinary care. She uses creative animal enrichment to improve general well-being and resolve behavioral challenges. As a lifelong horse lover and owner, Goble believes that horses thrive when we meet their needs for behavior, as well as food, water, and shelter, and using the knowledge she has gained as an Animal Enrichment and Training Specialist, she launched Enriching Equines, a blog and social media presence dedicated to enrichment for horses ( In her spare time, she creates infographics for the zoo and aquarium community on topics such as mental health, team building, and autism acceptance. Currently, Goble is also a Bear Team Manager at Animals Asia's Chengdu Bear Rescue Center in Sichuan, China, coordinating the day-to-day care and enrichment for more than 100 bears rescued from bile farms. Find out more about her recommendations for equine enrichment in her book No Bored Horses.