Andrea Kutsch

Andrea Kutsch was given her first pony at age six, and growing up, had classical training in dressage and jumping. She gained recognition in natural horsemanship circles after an intense collaboration with the “horse whisperer” Monty Roberts from 1999 to 2006, becoming the first German to study with him and the founder of the first Monty Roberts Learning Center in Germany. She founded the Andrea Kutsch Academy (AKA) in order to further the study of horsemanship from the horse’s perspective, with a scientific base, and share her research. Her training method Evidence-Based Equine Communication™ was developed with the help of numerous studies in veterinary medicine, behavioral science, and psychology, offering horse lovers, riders, and horse trainers the opportunity to better understand their horses by providing extensive and unique knowledge with empathy. Kutsch splits her time between Germany and California (