Andrea Sinner, Esq.

Andrea Sinner, Esq., retired from the global consulting firm Accenture in 2014 as an executive managing director. During her 24 years there, she collaborated with multi-national clients and innovative teams for consulting partnerships spanning technology, process, organization, business process outsourcing, technology outsourcing, organization redesign, and company transformation. Sinner graduated from the University Miami School of Law, summa cum laude, in 2017 to embark on her second career. Her primary occupation (in addition to caring for and being with her horses) is being a Legacy Architect and Estate Planning Attorney for equestrians in her Florida law firm “Stable Legacies PLLC.”  Since 2021, in collaboration with the Dean Emerita at the University of Miami School of Law, Sinner also teaches an innovative first-year elective titled “The Future of Legal Practice.” Leveraging her technology consulting background and experience running the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Education, Sinner supports forward-looking law students thinking deeply about being prepared for, and indeed, creating, the future of legal service delivery. Newcomer to the Horse World is her first book.