Heather Sansom

Heather Sansom has been involved in fitness and competitive sport for over 25 years, and in equestrianism for over 35 years. She is a nationally certified life coach and fitness trainer and internationally and nationally certified equestrian coach. A leader in rider fitness, she has published several books and over 200 columns on fitness and training in national and international equestrian magazines, including Dressage Today and Horse Sport.

In addition to Equifitt fitness and equestrian training, Heather practices life & wellbeing coaching, as well as consulting and research in areas related to health and well-being with a special focus on psycho-social development through nature-based activity. She is presently working on her PhD, researching resilience in youth participants in 4-H horse programs. In addition to training clients and conducting clinics and workshops, Heather speaks on topics related to fitness, equestrian sport and conditioning, and goal-setting.