Kerry M. Thomas

Kerry M. Thomas is recognized by many around the world as a pioneering researcher and service provider in the field of Equine Athletic Psychology. He has directed his innovative “Emotional Conformation Profiling” toward the development of programs to advance equine athletes in their given field, as well as to identify the mental blocks that seem to curtail the advancement of many horses. Offering both onsite and offsite profiling services, Kerry has taken his method, the Thomas Herding Technique (THT), from his headquarters in a small town in Southeastern Pennsylvania, to all parts of the world.

Though Kerry’s theories are applicable to all equestrian disciplines and horse sport training programs, it has been Thoroughbred racing, because of his intensive study of herd motion, that has made the most of THT thus far. In the United States Kerry has profiled racehorses for clients from Hollywood Park in California to Fair Hill Training Center in Maryland. He has worked with racing owners, trainers, and teams in Europe, South America, Australia, and Hong Kong. THT is slated to work closely with developments in China and has evolving interests in the Middle East.

Kerry works tirelessly to promote and provide the Thomas Herding Technique’s horse profiling and program development services because he feels “the betterment of the horse is for the betterment of man.” You can find out more about Kerry and the Thomas Herding Technique online at