Stefan Stammer

Stefan Stammer focuses on the analysis of movement in both sport and pleasure horses, then applies physical therapy techniques suited to their individual requirements. He is trained in both human physical therapy, with early work based in rehabilitation centers that specialized in extended outpatient physical therapy for orthopedic diseases and sports injuries, and equine osteopathy. He has been working primarily with horses since 1999. Besides his clinical practice, Stammer is a popular speaker and has presented at numerous national and international events at prestigious venues that include the University of Veterinary Medicine in Zurich, Oregon State University, the DOKR (German Olympic Committee for Equestrianism), the FN (German National Equestrian Federation), the US Eventing Association, and the International Congress on Veterinary and Animal Sciences (ICVAS). He is actively developing physical therapy courses and programs in cooperation with veterinary clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States, focusing on rehabilitation methods for horses.