Balance in Movement 2 (DVD)

Riding with Light Aids

Susanne von Dietze

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Based on the understanding that the rider's seat serves as a "dynamic balance" in the horse's own movement, physiotherapist and dressage rider Susanne von Dietze has provided a follow-up to her best-selling video Balance in Movement. In this 43-minute program, she gives in-depth advice for learning and applying effective and correct aids, from basic to more advanced work, and includes a wide range of detailed suggestions for daily training at every level of riding.

Additional Information

Author: Susanne von Dietze

Format: DVD

Page Count: Run Time: 46 minutes


ISBN: 9781570765384

By Susanne von Dietze

Susanne von Dietze is a physiotherapist and riding instructor. Her background in physiotherapy enables her to understand the complex physical relationship essential between horse and rider. She frequently tours both the United States and Europe giving lectures and holding clinics on the subject of balance and movement. Susanne competesat the top levels of international dressage competition.