Build a Better Athlete! Pocket Guide

16 Gymnastic Exercises for Your Horse

Leslie Webb

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A handy pocket-sized edition of Build a Better Athlete featuring 16 exercises condensed from the 118-page book. The schooling exercises are simple, diagnostic, sensitizing, and effective. Take this little guide to the barn and the arena! Any horse can benefit from gymnasticizing, whether he's a dressage horse, hunter, eventer, jumper, trail, or equitation horse.
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Author: Leslie Webb

Format: softcover spiral

Page Count: 40

Illustrations: Color photos and diagrams throughout

ISBN: 9781929164479

By Leslie Webb

Award-winning rider Leslie Webb began riding hunters and jumpers as a teenager, changing disciplines and beginning her study of dressage in 1978. Webb spent twelve years under the tutelage of Erich Bubbel, three-time Austrian Olympic coach, developing her training systems for horse and rider, and her winning skills in the arena. She now specializes in teaching junior and young riders, conducting clinics throughout the United States and running a training facility in Bakersfield, California.