Clever Crochet Squares

Artistic Ways to Create Grannies and Dramatic Designs

Maria Gullberg

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Granny squares are a crochet classic for a reason: they're colorful, quick to work, and fun to make! But the true potential of these dependable design standbys comes in the infinite possibilities offered by their patterning—and the manner in which they're combined. Here, Maria Gullberg explores a whole new side to the familiar granny square, showing every crocheter how to create fresh, exciting projects by joining granny squares to form fascinating textures, eye-catching color effects, and more! Evoke the sweet beauty of wildflowers, the simple elegance of woven twill, or the complexity of twisting labyrinths and striking optical illusions. With patterns designed for both the novice and the experienced crocheter, full-color photographs, and clear instructions, you'll be ready to tackle pillows, bags, rugs, blankets—anything you'd make with granny squares can work magic, if you're willing to think outside the box!

Additional Information

Author: Maria Gullberg

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 112

Illustrations: 32 color photographs, 26 illustrations, 65 charts

ISBN: 9781570769542

By Maria Gullberg