Norwegian Mittens and Gloves

Over 25 Classic Designs

Annemor Sundbø

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Hands-on knitting history from Annemor Sundbø

One day in 1983, Annemor Sundbø of Kristiansand, Norway, became the owner of a “shoddy mill,” a facility designed to process rags, scraps, and other discarded fabric into reusable material. However, Sundbø wasn't interested in running the mill; she was drawn instead to the store of thousands of mittens, gloves, and other knitted castaways, bundled into a warehouse on the mill's grounds, awaiting their turn. These well-used discards were in fact a treasure trove of traditional Norwegian patterning and technique, and the beginning of her life-long effort to document, preserve, and reconstruct classic Norwegian designs—dozens of which are assembled here in a timeless collection, now available for the first time in paperback.

  • Traditional Norwegian motifs, including animals, figures, flowers, hearts, palm and thumb patterns, and border designs, for mittens and gloves
  • Resources and instructions for understanding pattern repeats and successfully transferring motifs to hats, sweaters, and more
  • Explorations of the historical and cultural context of each motif accompanying every pattern
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Additional Information

Author: Annemor Sundbø

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 160

Illustrations: 70 color, 16 b&w photographs, 130 charts

ISBN: 9781646010929

By Annemor Sundbø