Ryan Gingerich, “The Behaviorist,”

Ryan Gingerich, "The Behaviorist"

is scheduled to appear with radio and TV host Rick Lamb on EQUINE LIVE WITH RFD-TV on July 8, 2010. Don’t miss the chance to get a little insight into Ryan’s method of training horses. His techniques, based in the science of animal behaviorism, have helped make him a name in the industry as the guy who can “fix” horses with all sorts of behavioral and training problems–rearing, bolting, biting, bucking, refusing to load, and much much more. Ryan’s NEW BOOK describes his methods in detail, complete with fabulous, full-color photographs and step-by-step instruction on how to make a no-more-bad-behavior training plan for your horse. Check out BEYOND A WHISPER at www.horseandriderbooks.com–order your copy before July 9, 2010 and get 10% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING!