So, according to Horse&Hound (UK), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have acquired half-a-dozen Shetland ponies for their “herd” of kiddos—Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne—plus a “horse” for Angelina. Are they the best-looking family on horseback? Possibly. Will those six Shetlands be the most-photographed equines in the world? I guess it depends on their hair (er, manes).

The fact that Brad and Angelina took the pony plunge with the intent to take their family “trekking” got me to thinking, which of our books would best benefit such a fresh foray into the world of riding the trails? And so I give you the five TSB books I’d recommend to them, and anyone else who finds themselves making equine additions to their French estates.

5 Horse Books Brad & Angelina Really, Really Need

1 Bombproof Your Horse by Sgt. Rick Pelicano (Six kids on six ponies, you want the kids safe and the ponies quiet! This is the book to do it, with fun activities that will let the kiddos feel like “training” horses is really just playing games with them.)

2 The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses by Melinda Folse (I just read the article in Vanity Fair about Angelina’s directorial debut–if writing a screenplay and directing a movie are symptoms of going through a midlife metamorphosis, then buying a horse with six kids and a movie career surely points to midlife crisis…yes, even at age 36. This book will help her laugh when she wants to cry, get back on when she falls off, and love horses no matter what.)

3 My Horse, My Friend by Bibi Degn (This charming little book teaches kids to appreciate how horses communicate, how they should be handled, and how they should be ridden…all with beautiful pictures and in a language children can understand and appreciate.)

4 Trick Training for Horses by Bea Borelle with Gudrun Braun (When the kids get bored with riding, these easy-to-learn tricks described with full-color photos will make sure they still go out and play with their ponies. Plus, with actor parents, it is likely they’ll enjoy putting together a performance or two.)

5 Tex by Dorie McCullough Lawson (This is for the youngest of the Pitt-Jolie herd…a charming bedtime book that instills work ethic and an appreciation for the American West. Perfect for winding everybody down after an exciting day, galloping willy-nilly across the French countryside.)

We of course wish them all luck, safe riding, and years of family fun…welcome to the Horse World.