TSB author Melinda Folse has provided the ultimate guide for women who have found themselves in “midlife,” with empty nests, and dusty (horsey) dreams sitting high up on a shelf behind the (possibly ex) husband’s power tools. Her book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES is an intelligent, funny, honest look at all that it means to turn (somewhere around) 40 and realize you haven’t done half the things you’ve always wanted to…and how there’s no reason why galloping across an open meadow, with the wind in your face, the sun at your back, and a horse’s mane whipping before you, can’t be part of the SECOND half of your life.

Six self-discovery exercises from Melinda’s book are featured in the October issue of HORSE & RIDER Magazine, due on sale everywhere September 27. Pick up a copy and check it out!

And order your copy of THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES from the TSB bookstore today, where shipping in the US is always FREE.