In recognition of the 30th Anniversary of CENTERED RIDING’s publication, dressage trainer and judge Kathy Connelly shared these thoughts about author Sally Swift and what she contributed to the horse world:

“Sally Swift was an icon in every way. As a person, she was very kind, joyful, and encouraging to all. It never mattered to Sally what level a rider was—she was equally passionate with every individual. Her work helped and sponsored legions of riders.

“I remember the years Sally was developing Centered Riding. She had such a gift for conceptualizing her ideas, and this enabled her to produce a system that was very clear and perceptible to all. How fortunate we all are to have this vision of partnership with our horses, which will be carried on for the betterment of our horses’ welfare and ensures a chance for more successful relationships with them.

“I cherished very much our friendship…and miss Sally, greatly.”

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