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Sue Tinder is owner and manager of Tolland Falls Equestrian Center in Sedalia, Colorado, and author of THE JUMP COURSE DESIGN MANUAL. In sharing her CENTERED RIDING memory, Sue admitted still owning videocassettes—a retro CENTERED RIDING anniversary moment!

“The CENTERED RIDING videos were the first horse-related videos I ever purchased,” says Sue. “I really found them informative and the imagery Sally Swift suggested entertaining. I found her work to be a whole new way to approach body awareness and the biomechanics of riding. I still have them in my video collection—even though they have to be played on a VCR, not a DVD player!”

CRDVDsTrafalgar Square Books released the videos CENTERED RIDING 1 and CENTERED RIDING 2 in BETA and VHS formats in 1986, and they were some of the first instructional videos created specifically for horse people. Available now on DVD, the videos are still valuable educational tools and wonderful complements to Sally Swift’s two books.


Share your own CENTERED RIDING memories and “aha” moments online and tag them #CenteredRiding30! And remember, all CENTERED RIDING books and DVDs are 30% off, the entire month of November.

Trafalgar Square Books, the leading publisher of horse books and DVDs, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.